Musing | The Cake Shed

Here’s the thing: I love cafés. I particularly love cafés that are cosy, a little bit higgledy-piggledy, and have a fantastic range of teas. The Cake Shed has all three. 1538380_730433760404392_1114389899_n I don’t remember when I stumbled across the little gem in the middle of the bit of Regency-era town known as The Pantiles, but I’ve known of it – and visited – for over a year. Honest to god, their teas – loose – are divine. I’m particularly fond of their garden tea; it’s so fruity and just ugh so damn good.  (I haven’t even talked about the food yet. Red velvet cake is top notch. Definitely recommend. In fact, any of their cakes are fabulous.) BlRGRJFIgAA1edd But the thing is, it feels homey. I can sit in there with a book and be at peace for hours. My hometown is no London, true; it’s hardly diverse and it’s pretty damn posh (Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells, anyone?) – but The Cake Shed is a little slice of comfort for me. With gorgeous crockery and cutlery that looks like it’s come straight out of Alice In Wonderland… well, I’m in heaven. If ever you’re in Tunbridge Wells, pay The Cake Shed a visit – and don’t forget to bring a book.

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