Book Haul | Academic Books

I’m back! University is murdering me, but I filmed a quick academic book haul for you! Enjoy!

Books mentioned:

  • The Domesday Book – Unknown
  • Eleanor of Aquitaine & The Four Kings – Amy Kelly
  • The Feudal Kingdom of England – Frank Barlow
  • The Feudal Monarchy In France & England – Charles Petit-Dutaillis
  • Feudal Society Vols. 1 & 2 – Marc Bloch
  • Henry VII – S. B. Chimes
  • Henry VIII – J. J. Scarisbrick
  • A History of Medieval Europe – R. H. C. Davis
  • The Kings & Queens of England – W. M. Ormrod
  • Letters of Medieval Women – (ed.) Anne Crawford
  • Magna Carta – (ed.) David Carpenter
  • The War of The Roses – Michael Hicks
  • William Rufus – Frank Barlow

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